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Game Changing Innovation for Shoes

Suitable for all footwear applications, E-springs can be supplied in a number of configurations to suit your requirements. Extensive testing showed a configuration of 11 springs in the forefoot and 6 springs in the heel of each shoe, give the ultimate performance across all adult sizes.
The spring pads can be added to a variety of midsole constructions by creating a suitable cavity for the springs to drop into.
It is also possible to just use the springs in the heel or forefoot.

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The individually pocketed springs offer unique support unmatched by conventional footwear midsole materials. The springs are able to reduce pressure and impact load to help reduce vertical knee joint impact when running and walking. The springs react under the users body weight to give added comfort and support.

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The product itself has a patent covering the use of pocketed spring technology in footwear applications. The machines are designed and built in-house with various world-wide patents in place.

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Each micro pocket spring acts as an individual bellow to expel air through the shoe whilst in use.

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Unlike many foam technologies used in midsole constructions in footwear, pocket springs will maintain their full height and firmness during the life of the shoe. This ensures the user experiences the same comfort and feel when the shoe is first put on, to feeling the same several weeks later.


Jim Richards

Developed with Professor Jim Richards

Professor of Biomechanics UCLAN

“… a spring AND damper midsole arrangement, much like you would find in a car suspension system”

“… an efficient arrangement that can lead to improved loading rates and reduced impact forces”

Extensive university testing has been carried out of the biomechanical benefits of the technology

Testing Springs in the Lab

On Average...

“… testers rated comfort scores when wearing the running shoe containing pocketed micro spring technology to be 25.5% higher than when wearing their regular running shoes”

“...93% of testers experienced less vertical knee joint impact when wearing the running shoe containing pocketed micro spring technology compared to wearing their regular running shoes”

Full Phd thesis available upon request

Innovation is at the Heart...

Three Generations

The technology has been developed by Harrison Spinks, a fifth-generation luxury mattress manufacturer based in Leeds, United Kingdom. A family owned and run business dating back to 1840 and is one of Great Britain’s most established and innovative bed makers, having won two Queen’s Awards for Enterprise in 2018 along with many other accolades.
Mattress manufacturers know a thing or two about comfort and so who better to develop a technology for the footwear industry. Memory foam has been used in mattresses for many years and whilst it is a good product it is known to become hot during use as foam is an insulator and it will become softer and loose height during use.


Individual Spring

Height 10mm
Diameter 16mm
Wire Gauge 1.3mm
Wire Type Galvanised Steel

Heel Pad (6 Springs)

Length 80mm
Width 52mm

Forefoot Pad (11 Springs)

Length 102mm
Width 80mm

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